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It is of two types:-

1. Consultation of the papers presented by the clients for opinion.
2.Oral Consultation.

1. Paper consultation:-

This naturally involves reading of the documents which is time - consuming. Further, the client may not have produced all the documents required for a comprehensive opinion. In such cases, second meeting may be necessiated. For such clients, appointment and charging of fees shall accordingly be decided by the senior partner.


This normally require one time sitting for a short duration of within 30 minutes. Meeting of clients shall be strictly by appointments. Fixed through a visit, letter, or by phone. When a client calls over telephone, his name and telephone number is entered in the calls register. The call is attended by the Manager (services). He also registers manually the requirment of the client.

The Lawyer/staff required will be connected to the phone call. After the call is over, the person who attended the call registers suitable entries in the Clients' Advice Register (Form 2) the required work as assigned to the person concerned by the Manager (services) by an Inter Office Memo(Form 3).

The person who has been assigned the work has to maintain a Day Book (form 4) wherein all details of the work done by him, on a particular day is to be registered.

When a client calls to our mobile phone, he will be requested to call the landline if the matter is not very urgent. Calls to mobile phone on matters which are not of urgent necessity for the client shall generally not to be encouraged. All appointments are registered in the Appointments Register(Form 5) by the Manager (Services).

Clients visiting the office shall be received by the Manager (Services). He shall fill-up their details in Form 1 and shall be responsible for collecting Rs.500/- per client. The Partner who is available for consultation shall be informed of the client`s visit through intercom. The details of all documents, or articles that may be given by the client into the office shall be entered into the Inward Register (Form 6) The signature of the client is also obtained therein.

The details of all documents or articles that may be given by the office to the client or otherwise taken out of office shall be entered into the Outward Resister (Form 7).

The signature of the person who takes possession of the said documents or articles shall also be obtained. The details of all new clients who have been referred by others shall be entered into the Clients' Address Resister in (Form 8.)

The persons visiting the office otherwise (Viz by seeing the name board etc) and all other clients shall be given the brochure in(Form 9) and advised to read the same.

The decision of the Manager (Services) on which partner/staff should handle the client shall be based upon the type of sevices required by the client after reading the brochure. Illiterate clients should be orally explained on the contents of the brochure.

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